Creams Are Only Meant To Provide Temporary Relief

Because hemorrhoids cream products are inexpensive and so easy to obtain, they are often an individual’s first and only option in treating hemorrhoids. These medications can be found in any drug store, grocery store, or major retail store worldwide. They can even be easily found and purchased online. Prices range from a few dollars to around ten dollars depending on the brand of medication, as well as the size of the tube or bottle.

Since these medications are affordable and easy to buy, many people self diagnose themselves and begin using the ointment as the other form of treatment. This is a big mistake.

These ointments, while very beneficial, are only meant to provide temporary relief of pain, burning, and itching of inflamed areas. They do not, however, treat or cure the condition and should not be used as the only source of treatment, especially for the most severe cases.

In fact, you should be very leery of medications that promise to cure or completely get rid of anal inflammations. There is no magic medicine to cure anal inflammations.

You should not be afraid to use medications to treat inflamed anal areas. After all, there is nothing wrong with using ointments for immediate relief from irritating burning, itching, and pain. The problem occurs when people overuse or misuse them by not understanding they are only intended to provide temporary relief.

When purchasing a hemorrhoids cream you should read the side panel for the list of active ingredients. Most medications contain an astringent and an anesthetic, or even both to relieve pain, burning, and itching. The milligram measurement will give you an idea on how mild or strong the medication is.
You should begin with a mild medication. Over time your body will develop a natural immunity against the active ingredients found in the medication. If you begin with a mild dose you will be able to switch to a higher dose in the future.

You can also choose from medications that contain manmade active ingredients, or all-natural active ingredients found in plants. The choice between the two is strictly personal preference.

Your healthcare provider will be able to help you make a choice that better meets the unique needs of your medical condition. If you prefer natural medications, he or she will be able to make recommendations and explain what the natural ingredients treat.

Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the rectal area before each application of the ointment. Use a wet cotton cloth, a moist towlette, or a baby wipe that is free from dyes or perfumes. Thoroughly, but gently cleanse the entire enflamed and surrounding areas. Make sure the anal area is clean and dry before the next application.

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