The Best Treatment Of Hemorrhoids Is To Prevent Them

There are many hemorrhoids treatment methods are aimed at preventing, treating, or relieving the symptoms of the condition. While surgery is an option, it is performed sparingly and generally used in the worst cases. Preventing the condition is usually the wisest and most affordable alternative.

You should avoid wearing tight clothing around the pelvic area. Not only will tight clothing irritate the condition by rubbing on the sensitive and inflamed area, but it could also lead to sweating that could cause additional moisture.

Excessive moisture can cause additional irritation to the hemorrhoid. It is important to keep the anal and buttocks area dry by wearing loose clothing and undergarments. You can also use generic corn starch or baby powder as well to aid you in dryness.

Keep the anal area clean. Take a fifteen to twenty minute warm sitz bath or shower whenever convenient. Not only will this help relieve the pain and burning sensations of infected areas, but it will also help reduce and eliminate symptoms.

Avoid uses soaps or lotions that contain dyes or perfumes. This will only agitate the anal area even if it is not inflamed. Also avoid excessive wiping or scrubbing of the anal area.

Maintain a daily exercise regimen and drink plenty of fluids, including water and fruit juices, though you should try to avoid acidic fruit juices. Exercising and drinking plenty of fluids helps to keep your bowel movements firm and soft, therefore making them easier to pass.

Avoid excessive strain during bowel movements. While a gentle strain is fine, it should not exceed more than thirty seconds. To aid you in avoiding excessive straining, you should try to limit your time on the toilet to no more than five minutes at any one time.

The best preventive measure is to avoid becoming constipated. At all costs, avoid delaying bowel movements, even by mere minutes. Delaying bowel movements can lead to constipation and cause further irritation. In fact, constipation is leading cause of inflammation.

To further reduce constipation you should maintain a diet that is high in fiber. A diet high in fiber also helps keep stools soft and firm. While a doctor can help you create a high fiber diet that is right for you, a few common foods that contain fiber are beans, whole grains, and vegetables. A few foods you should avoid that contain little to fiber are processed foods, ice cream, and cheese.

The best and most recommended treatment is preventative hemorrhoids treatment. By understanding how your daily behaviors effect your condition, the better equipped you are to prevent inflammation and painful side effects.

The most important thing to remember is that you do have some control in your condition.

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