Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

Home remedies are often times a logical alternative to expensive medications that can become addicting. One upside of home remedies is that they often provide preventive measures in avoiding ailments, where as medications only attempt to treat the illness or ailment. The same is true for hemorrhoids treatment. As with any illness, you should consult with your physician before beginning any home remedy regimen.

You should avoid excessive rubbing with toilet paper or moist towelettes. Excessive rubbing only tends to aggravate the hemorrhoid. Whenever possible you should clean the anal area in a warm bath or shower. Baby wipes that are free of dyes or perfume is an acceptable alternative when bathing is not possible. However, wipe gently and avoid scrubbing.

It is important to use the restroom as soon as you feel the urge to go. Delaying a bowel movement by even minutes can lead to constipation and further agitation of the flared area. However, you should avoid excessive straining which could worsen the condition. A gentle strain on the pelvic muscles is okay, but it should not exceed more than thirty seconds. Limit your time on the toilet to no more than three to five minutes.

By limiting the amount of acid ph you intake, you can greatly reduce the itch factor associated with this condition. Beverages high in caffeine such as soda and coffee should be limited. Foods high in citric acids such as citrus fruits and citrus fruit juices should also be limited as well. In addition, beers and wines tend to have a high acid ph level. By monitoring and limiting the amounts of the above beverages in your diet, you will begin to notice a difference in sensitivity by greatly reducing the urge to scratch.

A diet high in fiber is also beneficial, as it helps to prevent constipation, which greatly agitates the condition. Some common foods that are high in fiber are beans, whole grains, fresh fruits, and many vegetables such as carrots, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and asparagus. Avoiding foods that contain little to no fiber is also extremely important. A few of these foods include processed foods, ice cream, and cheese. Your doctor can aid you in creating a high fiber diet that is right for you.

Exercising daily and drinking plenty of fluids such as water and fruit and vegetable juices can also aid in the prevention of constipation.

Becoming aware of how your lifestyle choices can play a role in hemorrhoids treatment, will begin your journey to comfort. The choices you make play a significant role in how you feel, despite how insignificant those choices may at first seem. By being aware of what causes your condition, you are better equipped to take preventative measures.

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