At Home Remedies That Help Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be a very frustrating and painful condition that can affect your everyday life, and finding the correct treatment can be just as bothersome as the symptoms themselves. Since everyone does not want to endure the pain of surgery or deal with costly medications and creams many people turn to more natural and cheaper alternatives. If done correctly, you may just be able to solve the dilemma on your own.

For starters a simple diet change can alter effects of this condition. Adding fiber to your diet has been shown to increase bowel health, and by doing so it can help ease symptoms such as bleeding and the swelling of the rectal tissue.

Fiber makes your bowel movements more consistent and since both diarrhea and constipation affect the symptoms, fiber is definitely a smart choice for hemorrhoid treatment. Some good sources of fiber include whole grain cereals, fresh fruits, and raw or cooked vegetables. Also make sure to consume plenty of water. Water will help soften your bowel movements making it easier to pass stools. While having bowel movements, try not to over strain as this will simply cause swelling which could lead to further irritation, pain, and bleeding.

Take care of yourself. Taking thirty to forty-five minutes out of a busy schedule could make a day easier. Soaking in lukewarm water two to three times a day has been shown to relieve discomfort by cleaning the anus. However, if the water gets to hot then soaking could actually increase the swelling around the anus. Try to avoid using soaps that contain perfumes or dyes since they may irritate the area.

A cloth covered ice pack may also help in relieving discomfort. By placing the covered ice pack on the anus for about ten minutes at a time two to three times a day the swelling of the rectum should lessen.

Exercising regularly will also help prevent constipation, making it easier to go to the bathroom. Since too much sitting is usually a culprit behind ruthlessly tense and weakened rectal tissue exercise can also, along with fiber, be considered a great hemorrhoid treatment.

Dealing with this in a more natural way will not only save you money, but it will also teach you how to solve the problem at hand rather than waiting and hoping that the creams, pills or surgeries are going to work. For pregnant women this is the safest and healthiest alternative to helping the predicament.

So before you consider surgery that may not solve the problem try adding more fiber, drinking more water, and exercising on a more regular basis. You may be astonished by what a simple day to day change in your life will do for you health and your well being.

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