The Treatment For Internal Hemorrhoids

There are two different types or hemorrhoids, internal and external.   Internal occur inside of the anus and usually are not painful.  The most common symptom of internal inflammations is bleeding.  If you notice bleeding while you are passing stools you should schedule an appointment with your doctor right away.  Bleeding is also a symptom of colon cancer, and internal inflammations can actually mask the symptoms of the cancer.  As a result, usually surgery is a common solution to internal inflammations.

Finding a hemorrhoid treatment for internal inflammations does require the advice of your doctor.  There are a variety of surgical procedures available.  One includes placing a small rubber band around the growth. The blood flow to the growth is cut off which will shrink it and eventually get rid of it all together.  Another surgical procedure includes freezing the growth.  Both of these surgeries have a high success rate, but your success lies in your post op care.

After any surgical procedure a diet that is high in fiber is strongly recommended. Adding more fiber to your diet will aid your body’s digestive system and keep your stools firm and easy to pass.  From supplements to foods that are high in fiber, the more fiber that is your diet, the better your digestive system will work.  Foods that are high in fiber include beans, grains, fruits, and a wide variety of vegetables.  Foods that contain little to no fiber include processed foods, cheese, eggs, and ice cream.  You should really try to limit your intake of these types of foods.

You should drink plenty of water and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol.   Caffeine and alcohol can lead to dehydration, which could lead to constipation.  Constipation is the leading culprit of this condition due to the excessive straining put forth during bowel movements.

Avoid setting on the toilet for long periods of time.  Try to limit your time on the toilet to no more than five minutes as muscles tend to relax causing an inflammation.  That is why it is a good idea to keep all reading material away from the bathroom.

It is important to clean the anus gently, yet thoroughly after each bowel movement. You can use a moist cotton wash cloth or a baby wipe that is free from dyes and perfume.  Soaking in lukewarm water for ten to fifteen minutes two to three times a day will also help keep the anus clean, as well as relieve pain.

Since every person experience different symptoms not every hemorrhoid treatment will work for the same for everyone.  Your doctor may not even recommend surgery, especially if your inflammations are not bleeding.

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