Hemorrhoid Surgery Vs. At Home Treatments

With today’s technology, is it really necessary to have to go through surgery in order to get rid of hemorrhoids? Many people who have hemorrhoids often do not seek out a doctor’s advice because they are concerned that the doctor will want to do surgery on their hemorrhoids. They would rather treat their condition at home using over the counter medications and other methods than to have any sort of operation done. But are hemorrhoid treatment options that are purchased at a drug store strong enough to get rid of the hemorrhoids that are bothering you?

At Home

There are a number of different types of at home treatments that you can use when you’ve got hemorrhoids. The first thing you should try is to treat the condition using warm sitz baths. You can fill up your bath tub just enough to cover the area that is affected, or you can get a small tub and can just cover the hemorrhoids. You may also want to use cold packs to help shrink the tissue that surrounds the anus, which is what causes external hemorrhoids.

There are also plenty of hemorrhoid treatment options at your local pharmacy. Most pharmacies have a whole section of an isle set aside for hemorrhoid creams and pads. Most creams and pads are designed to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but they’re not necessarily designed to help you get rid of hemorrhoids.


If you have an internal hemorrhoid that has begun to prolapsed, or has already prolapsed, over the counter medications will not help your condition. Those who have internal hemorrhoids need to speak with their physician as soon as they can, especially if the hemorrhoids have prolapsed and can not be placed back into the anus.

It is in this instance that hemorrhoids need to be surgically worked on. Fortunately there are a number of different surgical remedies that you can look to when you’ve got hemorrhoids that need to be operated on, and many of them are very non-invasive, including a rubber band ligation and a laser or electric cutting of the hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are severe, you may need a hemorrhoidectomy, which can be very painful and takes a long time to recover from, but the majority of people will not need to have this type of operation.

So the bottom line is that while there are plenty of good hemorrhoid treatment options that you can find at your local drug store, there are also certain instances in which you need to seek out a surgeon to remove the hemorrhoids from your anus, as there is no other way that they can be removed.

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