Serious Hemorrhoids Treatment

Being told that your hemorrhoids have become severe may not mean that you need to have traditional hemorrhoid surgery. There are other things that your doctor may consider to be viable treatments for your situation.

Worrying about your hemorrhoid problem won’t help you find a helpful treatment. When you talk to your doctor, ask him about alternative treatments, such as rubber band ligation and laser treatments. They both offer high success rates that will help you feel confident about your choice. Hemorrhoids treatment is supposed to give you less pain, less itching, and less of all the other symptoms associated with hemorrhoid problems, and both of these methods will do that.

Rubber band ligation is one of the surgical hemorrhoid treatments that may end up being the best choice for you.  When the procedure is done, the vein is tied off above the hemorrhoid. This cuts off the blood supply, which will cause the hemorrhoid to dry up and fall off eventually. One possible problem with this procedure, is that there is a slight chance that the rubber band will slip off, and that the procedure will not work because of it and the hemorrhoid will have to have the band replaced. Other possible complications include bleeding, blood clots, and infection. The success rate if between 60 and 80 percent.

Laser coagulation treatments for hemorrhoid problems require the use of a high power laser beam. The hemorrhoid is treated by using an electric current to shrink the hemorrhoid. This is done by applying it to the hemorrhoid with an electrode probe. This will cause the hemorrhoid to stop receiving blood flow, and will cause the tissue around it to shrink.

Another type of laser treatment for hemorrhoid problems is done using a more sophisticated laser to treat the hemorrhoid. It can actually vaporize the hemorrhoid when used, and can be used on many different types of hemorrhoid. The ability to use this to obliterate hemorrhoid difficulties is so great that many doctors are using it more often in place of traditional hemorrhoid surgery. With the ability to have as high a success rate, but less problems with bleeding and faster recovery time with less pain, this is one option that may be a choice for many people.

No matter what hemorrhoids treatment you use, making other changes in your life such as eating more fiber and drinking more water will help you avoid future problems. Along with your doctor you will be able to come up with a plan that will get you well on your way to being hemorrhoid free and feeling better than ever down there. Aggressive treatments with great success may offer you the best chance of ending the hemorrhoid problem once and for all.

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