Hemorrhoid Relief Plan for People With Sit Down Jobs

Anyone can get hemorrhoids. As a matter of fact, more than half of all people get them at one time or another by the time they are fifty years old. Half the adult population – that’s a lot of hemorrhoid sufferers. So, if hemorrhoids are so widespread, why is it such a taboo subject?

If you have hemorrhoids, or have ever had them, you probably know that the reason they aren’t talked about is because of the personal and embarrassing nature of them. After all, almost everything about them is quite personal – where they are located, the things that can cause them, thinking people might look at you funny if they know you have a problem ‘down there’. It’s time to stop being embarrassed, and begin taking control of your hemorrhoid problem.

Even if you have a job that requires you to sit on a regular basis, there are things you can do to help relieve your hemorrhoid symptoms. One thing that might help relieve the pressure that can be so irritating when you are sitting down for long periods of time is to shift from one side to the other. Try to sit so that the pressure is off the affected area. When you feel like the pressure is too much, shift a little to the other side. If you can, bring a little pillow to sit on so that the pressure is not so great. If you have a softer seat to sit on, you are less likely to get uncomfortable.

Another thing that you will want to do for some additional hemorrhoid relief is to make sure that when you have a break, you stand, stretch, walk around a little if possible. This will get the circulation going and will help relieve the pressure that might have built up from sitting.

If you are using a topical ointment, aloe vera, or witch hazel as a hemorrhoid treatment, then you will want to bring some to work with you. Applying it during your lunch break may offer much more relief than waiting until you are home would. Along with moving around when you can and fidgeting while you have to sit, applying your hemorrhoid remedy during your break will help you find faster relief.

Having hemorrhoids is no fun, but it is not the end of the world. Taking care of yourself even when you are at work will help you get rid of the hemorrhoid problem even faster. Finding hemorrhoid relief at the office is possible, when you take the proper steps to feel better while at work. Hemorrhoids may be embarrassing, and they may be painful, but they do not have to ruin your day, or your job. Use the steps here to find relief faster, and your hemorrhoids will become a pain of the past.

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