Talking to Your Doctor About Hemorrhoid Relief

Having hemorrhoids is something that can be more than unpleasant. It can be downright embarrassing if you think people know or can tell as a result of your actions. Telling anyone about your hemorrhoids may be out of the question, especially if you are embarrassed about them. There is, however, one person you may need to talk to about them: your doctor.

As difficult as it may be, talking to your doctor about your hemorrhoids may be the thing that offers you a way to end the problem. When you bring up the subject of hemorrhoids, your doctor will not be embarrassed, and he won’t even be surprised. What he knows, and you may not know, is that more than 50 percent of people suffer from hemorrhoids at some time in their life. Hemorrhoids are nothing new for your doctor to deal with, and he may be the one who leads you to the best hemorrhoid relief for your problem.

When you talk to your doctor, there are some things that you will want to make sure you ask him about your hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid treatment.

First, if he has examined your hemorrhoids, you will want to know how bad they are and what kind they are. There are internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, prolapsed hemorrhoids, and thrombosed hemorrhoids. Each of these may require a different course of treatment, and may present different problems.

After you know what kind of hemorrhoids you have and how severe or mild they are, you will want to talk to the doctor about what you prefer for treatment. If you prefer not to use medication, then you need to make sure your doctor knows. If you want to do everything you can without being invasive, you will want to talk about avoiding surgery and using other things that are less invasive instead.

You will also want to ask your doctor about any possible side effects to remedies and treatments he may suggest. Along with that, make sure you tell him about all the medications and supplements that you take. Sometimes medication and supplements may interfere with, or be interacted with any hemorrhoid relief product or medication you might use.

Finally, you will want to ask him how soon your treatment of choice should offer you some results. Remember, you are looking for more than relief; you want to end the hemorrhoid problem completely. Along with that, ask your doctor about lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent any future problems with hemorrhoids.

The hardest part about talking to your doctor may be bringing up the subject in the first place. If you want to break the ice, make a joke or talk about having a pain in the. . .you get the picture.

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