Homemade Hemorrhoid Cream

Is that all too familiar itch driving you to scratch in places that you know you should leave alone? Does the pain you have when you need to sit for awhile make you squirm and fidget? How about that tingle that you want to end, does it make you think your rear is falling asleep?

All of these things can be symptoms of hemorrhoids. All of these things can also be helped by using a hemorrhoid cream. You could look at the options there are for medicated creams and all natural creams. Or you could learn how to make a homemade hemorrhoid cream. You can do this in a couple of different ways by using some good natural herbs and essential oils along with an aloe vera gel as the base of the cream ointment.

Recipe for Homemade Cream for Hemorrhoids Using Aloe Vera Gel

There are many ways to make a natural cream for hemorrhoids. There are a number of essential oils that can be soothing and will help heal the area, especially when combined with aloe vera gel.

Mix a forth cup of aloe vera gel, about three drops of lavender essential oil, and three drops of chamomile essential oil. Use as a topical ointment on the rectal area. This is to use outside only. It will soothe the hemorrhoids and offer relief of itching and pain. It will also help reduce the swelling and promote healing. Aloe vera is commonly used for burns and other mild skin problems and has been proven to have healing properties.

You can also use a mixture of aloe vera gel, two drops of patchouli essential oil, two drops of geranium essential oil, and two drops of peppermint essential oil. Either mixture will offer you relief and a soothing effect that will help you relax and promote healing of the tissue and veins that have been affected by the hemorrhoids.

Whatever kind of hemorrhoid cream you make, it will be essential that you use it a few times a day. Make sure you are clean and dry before applying it to the area. You should at least use it in the morning and just before bed. With continuous use, and taking care to make sure you don’t become constipated, you should see improvement within a few days with relief of symptoms happening within a few minutes of application.

Using a homemade cream for your hemorrhoid treatment will offer you the convenience of controlling what ingredients are in it, the privacy of making it in your own home and the comfort that you can have knowing you are using the best ingredients with nothing that will harm you or irritate your hemorrhoid problem even more.

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