Treating Hemorrhoids When You’re Pregnant

Women go through a great deal with their bodies when they’re pregnant: everything changes. You may discover when you get pregnant that not only do you require much more sleep, but that your posture has changed too, and that’s not even half of what can happen to your body when you’re carrying a child. Many women discover that they have developed conditions that they never had before, such as diabetes or anemia, and often women who have poor eyesight find that their eyesight gets even worse after they carry their child. One condition that many women suffer from during pregnancy is hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

It is a mistaken believe that only those who are older are at risk for hemorrhoids; in fact, everyone who has ever strained in the bathroom is at risk for the condition. Pregnant women, however, are at a higher risk for needing hemorrhoid treatment options due to their changing body. As the body changes, it becomes harder for many women to have a bowel movement, causing them to push when they shouldn’t, resulting in hemorrhoids. Other times a woman gets hemorrhoids when she’s pregnant due to the weight of the baby that rests on the veins in the lower half of the body.


When you’re pregnant and experiencing hemorrhoids, there are a few hemorrhoid treatment options that you can choose from to help you to alleviate the symptoms.

The first treatment option is to take a sitz bath for anywhere from ten to twenty minutes a day, a few times a day. The more times you can take a sitz bath, the better our behind will feel. You don’t need to have tons of water in the tub, just enough to cover the area. You may not even need to use the tub to have a sitz bath – pharmacy’s sell small buckets that you can fill with warm water and can use to soak your battered behind in.

Ice packs are also a great way to find comfort when you’re dealing with hemorrhoids. The ice packs not only numb the area, they also make it so that the blood vessels are constricting, causing the hemorrhoids to shrink down a tiny bit at a time. Just make sure, if you use the ice pack, that you cover it in a towel or other fabric so that it is not resting directly on your skin.
The majority of hemorrhoid treatment options for pregnant women are non invasive, but if your hemorrhoids get bad, it is a good idea to speak with your physician about what else you can do to get rid of the painful situation.

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