Who’s At Risk for Internal Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone, right? Yes, but there are particular people who may be at a higher risk for getting internal hemorrhoids than others. Knowing your risk factors may help you pay more attention and recognize a problem earlier than you might otherwise.

Being human in and of itself is a risk factor for hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids, especially, may present more of a challenge than external hemorrhoids. They are both bothersome at the least, and may be life threatening at the most…which is not good. Taking care to know why you may be at risk, and reducing your risk factors, may help you prevent hemorrhoids from happening to you.

Risk Factors:

One of the things that may put you at risk for developing internal hemorrhoids is having constipation. When you are constipated, you most likely strain more to have a bowel movement. This would put additional pressure on your veins, and may irritate them. By the same token, when you are constipated, your stools are harder and dryer, making it more difficult to pass them, and making them irritating to your veins inside. When your veins are irritated, they are more likely to become inflamed, and may swell up to the point of having pain. If that happens, you have a hemorrhoid.

Another risk factor for hemorrhoids is pregnancy. With the additional pressure on the rectum from the developing baby, and your changing hormones and bowel habits, conditions are ripe for you to developĀ  an internal hemorrhoid. You may not even realize you have one until you have your baby. Sometimes, during childbirth, a hemorrhoid will pop through the anal canal, and that is when you find out about your hemorrhoid problem.

Eating a diet loaded with junk food is another thing that is a risk factor. With lots of sugar, lots of fat, and not enough fiber to help you have healthy, regular bowel movements, your veins are not receiving the help they need to be strong, and your stools are not receiving the help they need to be easy to pass. If this is the type of diet you eat, you are at greater risk than you would be if you eat a diet high in fiber and low in fat and sugar.

Being overweight it another thing that puts you at risk for hemorrhoids. Extra weight equals extra pressure on your veins, your rectum, and your anal canal. With the risk being much higher for overweight people to have a hemorrhoid problem, losing weight would cut down on that risk factor dramatically.

Being at risk doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from hemorrhoids. It simply means that there are some lifestyle changes that you need to make to cut down on your risk. Knowing the risk factors is the first step to making the changes you need to make in your life.

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