How Serious Are Your Hemorrhoids?

One of the most difficult conditions to speak with a physician about is hemorrhoids. Many people believe that they get hemorrhoids because they’re not being clean enough in the bathroom, but more than likely the condition was caused due to straining when you were having a bowel movement. There are other things that can cause hemorrhoids, both internal and external ones, but it is a good idea to figure out how severe your hemorrhoids are before you try to figure out whether you should brave a visit to your doctor or if you should seek out over the counter hemorrhoid treatment options.

Can You Feel It?

You may believe that you have hemorrhoids because you have a pain in your nether regions. This isn’t quite enough to give yourself a diagnosis of hemorrhoids, as there are a few different conditions that can cause a pain around the anus. If you reach back there when you’re in the shower and can feel any large lumps on the outside of the anus, you likely have external hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids, however, are much more difficult to diagnose, as you often can’t feel them. If you wipe your behind and there is bright red blood on the tissue, and you know that you don’t have external hemorrhoids, you may have internal hemorrhoids. Any time that you see bright red blood when you wipe is cause for concern and means that you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

How Severe?

Internal hemorrhoids are diagnosed by degree. There is a grading system that physicians use so that they can figure out which hemorrhoid treatment option they should offer you.

Grade 1 – A grade I hemorrhoid isn’t very serious and can often be treated using over the counter medications. You may feel some aches and soreness but you will likely be able to do your daily activities with no problem.

Grade 2 – A grade II hemorrhoid means that the hemorrhoids are prolapsing, or coming out of the anus, when you are going to the bathroom, but that they are going back into the anus when you are finished.

Grade 3 – A grade III hemorrhoid means that the hemorrhoid comes out during defecation but that it needs to be manually reduced in order to get rid of it.

Grade 4 – A grade IV hemorrhoid needs to have treatment done on it immediately, as it is prolapsed and can not be put back into place manually.

Once your physician diagnoses which type of hemorrhoids you have, they will be able to offer you the proper hemorrhoid treatment options so that you can get the condition cured as quickly as possible.

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