Using Other Treatments With Hemorrhoid Cream

Having hemorrhoids may make you extremely uncomfortable. You may experience pain that makes simple things like sitting down hurt. You may experience an itching so intense that it’s difficult to sit or stand still. You might have so much swelling that it feels like there is something there. The distraction from everyday activities might make it hard to concentrate on the things you need to do, and put all your attention on trying to get comfortable.

Hemorrhoid cream may help with the symptoms enough to help you get through a few hours. But did you know that if you use some cream for your hemorrhoids, you can also use other hemorrhoid treatments? As a matter of fact, you might have better success at getting rid of the hemorrhoids if you combine a couple of treatments to cover every area.

Using a cream will offer you the immediate relief you need to get through the next few hours. Applying it at night will offer you the relief you need for a good night’s sleep. If your symptoms seem to go beyond what the cream is doing, or if you want to make sure you have every area covered, you might want to look at other hemorrhoid treatments to use too.

For pain, you can take an over-the-counter anti inflammatory medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. These medications are pain relievers and will help bring the inflammation under control. There are also hemorrhoid formulas that are made with all natural ingredients and include herbs, minerals and vitamins. They are sold as hemorrhoid supplements. The combination of the ingredients in these is meant to help treat the hemorrhoid at the source, and promote complete healing. Used along with a hemorrhoid cream, all areas would be covered.

If you prefer to not take anything orally, there are things you can do in your home that will compliment the use of a cream. Taking a warm bath in the morning before using the cream, and at night before using it, will help soothe the area and offer some additional relief. Making sure you are clean and dry before applying the cream will also be a benefit.

Another thing that might compliment a cream would be to take a glass of water with either cayenne pepper or garlic at least once a day. Drinking this combination will help treat your entire digestive tract from the inside out. A tall glass of water, and a teaspoon of cayenne mixed thoroughly will help with pain and itching.

Hemorrhoid cream may work very well on its own for less severe hemorrhoids, but using other treatments along with it may speed along the healing. Treating more areas at a time will help you feel better while you heal.

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