Natural Treatments for External Hemorrhoids

Having hemorrhoids can be painful, confusing, and frustrating. The pain, of course, comes from the hemorrhoids. The confusion can come from not knowing what to do. The frustration comes in when you know what treatments there are, but finding the right one is a challenge. Maybe the relief you thought you would get from a hemorrhoid cream isn’t working as you expected. Maybe that prescription medicine for hemorrhoids you got gave you some side effect that you don’t want. Maybe it is hard to know what is best. You want to do things in as natural a way as possible, but what are the natural options that have proven to work for others?

There are many all natural external hemorrhoids treatments that can offer you more than immediate relief. While giving you the freedom from the pain, itching and swelling, many of these natural hemorrhoid treatments will also offer you long lasting results that will put you on your way to healing.

There are many choices to look at. Let’s begin with some of the things that are naturally made, and proven to help with hemorrhoids. Natural supplements for hemorrhoids are full of things that offer you additional nutrition, as well as some of the herbs, minerals, and vitamins that have been proven to help end the hemorrhoid problem.

These can usually be taken orally and are meant to treat the hemorrhoid from the inside. That may sound funny if you are treating external hemorrhoids, but it works. All hemorrhoids are vein problems. Veins are inside and outside the rectum. Treating the hemorrhoid from the inside will help bring down the swelling, which is causing the pain. It will also bring vascular health to you.

Another natural external hemorrhoids treatment that you can get is a natural hemorrhoid cream. Made with herbs and natural soothing agents, these hemorrhoid creams work in a way that is similar to medicated hemorrhoid creams, but without the side effects. The relief you will feel is almost immediate upon applying the cream, and the ability it has to help shrink the inflammation is remarkable.

One thing that many people may not think of is using more than one hemorrhoid treatment at a time. If you are using some of the best natural hemorrhoid treatments available, you may benefit from using both a supplement and a hemorrhoid cream. That way you will be getting the immediate relief from the cream, and also the long term benefits of the supplement.

You can end the pain, the confusion, and the frustration when you look at all your options, and know what you want in a hemorrhoid treatment. Natural is almost always best, and there is no reason to use less than the best when it comes to your health.

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  1. Chris Woods 5 April 2009 at 8:46 pm #

    I find yout comments informative. You may be able to help me? I have suffered with hemorrhoids for at least 25 years. I have had numerous visits to the doctors, they tend to “fob” you off saying eat plenty of fruit and fibre and drink water regulary. I do these things and more. My diet is high in fibre, fruit, veg and water. But I still continue have this condition, seems to be getting worse. I have soft stools regulary I do not strain. But once every three weeks, and for no apparent reason I feel I have a hard stool, resulting in bleeding, followed by an headache. The doctor has confirmed an hemorrhoid, but dismisses the headache theory. Perhaps your herbal and medical treatments may help?

    Best Regards
    Chris Woods

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