Changing Hemorrhoids Treatments

Treating your hemorrhoid problem may take a little trial and elimination of more than one or two treatments. Since every¬† person is different, and every hemorrhoid problem may be different, the same treatments may not work for each person. There is nothing wrong with trying something and then changing to something else entirely. You won’t have any adverse reactions from changing your hemorrhoids treatment, and in most cases it is fine to use more than one treatment at a time.

There are some things you might want to consider if you decide to change or add a treatment. First, what type of hemorrhoid problem do you have? There are certain treatments that will work better for external hemorrhoids and other ones may work better for internal hemorrhoid problems.

External hemorrhoid symptoms may include itching, pain, swelling, and feeling like there is something there all the time at the outer part of the rectum. Sometimes it is necessary to use a topical ointment or topical home remedies to treat this type of hemorrhoid problem. There are also creams and other home treatments that can be very effective. Taking a warm bath a couple of times a day and using a witch hazel compress can also offer relief.

Internal hemorrhoids treatment options will include those things, and possibly a cayenne pepper enema, oral hemorrhoid supplements, or herbs that you can take to treat them. Treating internal hemorrhoid problems from both the inside and the outside may offer the best chance of complete healing.

If your hemorrhoid problem has become more severe, with bleeding or a prolapse, then you might need to use a more aggressive treatment. One thing that you might want to do is make sure the prolapsed hemorrhoid remains inside the anal canal. If it gets trapped outside, then you might end up with much worse problems. With a prolapsed hemorrhoid, you can usually place it back inside manually. If it keep coming out, or becomes more painful, you might need to look for medical help.

When you try a hemorrhoid remedy, if you don’t see any relief within a couple of days, you might want to try another one. If your hemorrhoid problem is getting worse, you may need to see your doctor to find the best options for treatment. Changing hemorrhoid treatments will not hurt you or make your hemorrhoid problem worse. Using a couple of treatments may offer you a better chance of total healing and recovery.

Sometimes, if the hemorrhoid problem has gotten worse, there may be a need to use a more aggressive hemorrhoid remedy, such as laser treatments, surgery, or rubber band ligation. All of these require medical intervention, and all of them may require you using something to help heal, such as some home remedies for hemorrhoid problems.

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