Surgical Procedures to Treat Hemorrhoids

It used to be that people who had hemorrhoids simply had to suffer in silence. The only things that they could do to solve the problem was to sit in warm baths for a few minutes every day, a number of times, or to apply cool clothes to the area to help reduce the swelling. Now, however, there are a number of different hemorrhoid treatment options that you can choose from to help you to relieve the symptoms and get the hemorrhoids gone before they can cause further problems in your body.

Rubber Band Ligation

One of the more popular treatment options for second degree internal hemorrhoids is to use rubber band ligation. In this procedure, you are asked to go to the surgeon or physicians office. A small band will be put around the base of the hemorrhoid, which stops the blood supply from traveling to the hemorrhoid. In the next two to seven days, the hemorrhoid will then fall off during a normal bowel movement.

This procedure has around a 60-80% success rate and is often used because it involves much less pain than traditional surgical hemorrhoid treatment options.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

A stapled hermorrhoidectomy is used on third or fourth degree hemorrhoids, those which require surgery to fix them. This procedure uses what is known as a circular stapler. The stapler puts staples around the base of the hemorrhoids, much as the band did, to help to stop the hemorrhoids from getting blood flow to them, allowing them to die off. This surgery is much less painful than a traditional hemorrhoidectomy and has a very high percentage rate of success.

Laser and Electricity

Both lasers and electricity can be used to get rid of hemorrhoids. They are used in a surgeon’s office, or in an operating room, to cut the hemorrhoids away. Because they cauterize the wound as soon as they cut, there is very little chance of heavy bleeding, which is often a problem that occurs when you have a hemorrhoidectomy.


A hrmorrhoidectomy used to be the preferred means for getting rid of hemorrhoids, but it has now fallen by the wayside thanks to much more technological means of treatment. A hemorrhoidectomy involves going into an operating room and having the hemorrhoids cut out. This procedure can cause a great deal of problem later in life, including having problems with incontinence. Most patients also complain that their recovery period is very difficult.

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of hemorrhoid treatment options that you can choose from, no matter how minor, or how severe, your hemorrhoids may happen to be; just make sure you speak with your physician about all of the options before deciding on which one is right for you.

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