Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Complications

Life can be complicated enough without adding the problems that millions of people go through with hemorrhoids. You may be familiar with it. The itching that makes it difficult to sit still. The pain that may be embarrassing, no matter how hard you try to hide it. The burning sensation you may have with the least amount of pressure. The difficulty passing a bowel movement because of the swollen and full feeling.

All too common for many people, these symptoms have the potential to become much worse. Sometimes a hemorrhoid that is left untreated, given additional stress by becoming constipated, or having a coughing attack, can develop a clot. This is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid, and the pain it can give is said to be similar in strength to childbirth. With something that painful a possibility, don’t take any chances.

When a thrombosed hemorrhoid happens, the way it is dealt with will depend on who has it. There are some people who are so embarrassed by hemorrhoids, that they won’t even seek help when there is a thrombosed hemorrhoid. This can lead to complications that may end up being life threatening.

When a thrombosed hemorrhoid is not taken care of, or if it is taken care of too late, it can result in an infection that can spread to other areas, and actually get into your bloodstream. In the most severe complications, there can even be gangrene in the area, making the infection something that may be lethal.

While the percentage of thrombosed hemorrhoid complications being low, they are still something that is made more likely by not taking control of the situation as soon as you know there is a problem. There are home remedies for hemorrhoids that have not become thrombosed, but if your hemorrhoid is thrombosed, it requires medical attention and will need to be removed by your doctor.

If it is left alone, it will have the potential of building up and allowing toxins to build up in the cells surrounding the hemorrhoid. This will make your chances of ending up with an infection much higher, and make the pain not only greater, but also longer lasting. With one of the possibilities of having a thrombosed hemorrhoid that becomes infected, being death, you may actually be saving your own life when you take care of it early.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are nothing to ignore. Putting the embarrassment aside, asking for the help you need, and being honest with your doctor about what the problem is and how serious you think it is, will help you avoid developing complications from your thrombosed hemorrhoid.

It is easier to deal with thrombosed hemorrhoids before there are any complications, and the recovery rate is faster and involves less pain, the sooner it is taken care of. Complications don’t have to happen, and statistically they are rare. That makes your chances of avoiding them very good, as long as your thrombosed hemorrhoid is taken care of right away. Being well, recovering fast, and not having your life threatened are worth taking the time for.

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