So Many Causes of Hemorrhoids

If you are middle aged, chances are you have already had hemorrhoids. If you haven’t then you probably will within the next few years. At least fifty percent of the population will have hemorrhoids at some time in their lives, most of them with the hemorrhoids starting between the ages of 40 and 65. With odds like those, though, you might want to know what the things that are likely to cause hemorrhoids are.

First, the main cause of hemorrhoids happens to almost everyone, constipation. Keeping it under control, eating right, and using a stool softener when necessary may help avoid getting hemorrhoids from it. Diarrhea is another extreme that can cause hemorrhoids. Keeping yourself regular, without the added stress and strain of either extreme, will go a long way to help you maintain a healthy anal area.

Along with the problem of not being regular, there is also the problem of using toilet paper that is irritating to you. It may cause your anal canal to become irritated to the point of becoming inflamed and bleeding. If you have sensitive skin, are prone to being easily irritated, or have had problems with hemorrhoids in the past, you might want to wipe with a moist wipe rather than dry toilet paper.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest causes of hemorrhoids among women is pregnancy and childbirth. The added weight of the developing baby puts stress on the rectum and the veins surrounding the area. It is also very common in pregnancy, to become constipated. With the challenge of keeping yourself regular while learning to live with all the other changes that occur with pregnancy, it may be one of the greatest challenges to keep from developing hemorrhoids.

Quite often when hemorrhoids happen to older people, it is because of lack of care in nursing homes, with home care givers, or in the hospital. When the elderly are bedridden and depend on someone else to care for them, they may have hemorrhoid symptoms and not be able to do anything about it or even express their discomfort. One way to help them avoid the causes of hemorrhoids that affect most people their age, is to make sure the diet that is followed is helpful to a healthy bowel habit. Another is to make sure there is proper cleaning of that area when needed.

Another cause of hemorrhoids that many people may not even consider is straining yourself by doing heavy work. Carrying things or lifting things that are too heavy have as much potential to cause hemorrhoids as they do to cause hernias. When the safe lifting rules are followed and less stress is placed on your abdomen and back, the stress of lifting won’t be put on your rectum.

The cause of hemorrhoids may not always be obvious. Sometimes they happen with no known reason. If that is the case, you can still take control of them and help get rid of them by using a hemorrhoid treatment for the symptoms and changing the areas you know you need to change in order to be healthier in that area.

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