Preventing Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Pain is never a fun or pleasant thing to go through, especially when it hits you where you sit. Many people suffer in silence as they try to switch position slightly to put the pressure on another area, or as they stand every few minutes so they can have a break from the throbbing and aching they feel. Hemorrhoids are painful, embarrassing, and sometimes they can be hard to get rid of. If you don’t take control of them right away, they can form clots and become thrombosed hemorrhoids, which will require a medical intervention.

First, understand that you can’t have a thrombosed hemorrhoid, unless you first have either an internal or external hemorrhoid. You may notice some symptoms, whether mild or bad enough to really get your attention. Anal itching, rectal pain, possibly difficulty having a bowel movement, feeling like you are swollen in the anal area. All of those things are symptoms of hemorrhoids, and should be treated as soon as you recognize them. The more quickly you take care of a relatively small hemorrhoid condition, the better your chances at avoiding problems later, such as having that small problem escalate into a bigger problem like a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

When a hemorrhoid becomes thrombosed, it has formed a clot which is hard, and usually very painful. It will need to be taken care of by a doctor. Avoiding this happening is usually possible, with early intervention. Taking warm baths, using witch hazel or cortisone to help with the symptoms, which at first may be more bothersome than painful, may be enough to get it under control.

If you need to be more aggressive, you may want to look into some other hemorrhoid treatments. Most often you will be able to find ways to treat mild hemorrhoid problems with home remedies and over the counter products. Taking simple steps, like using a stool softener for a few days, increasing your fiber intake, and sitting on a pillow if you need to sit for long, may help begin the healing process, and offer relief.

Preventing thrombosed hemorrhoids can be done, but sometimes they occur from something as simple as coughing too hard. If you suspect that you have a hemorrhoid which has clotted and become thrombosed, you should see your doctor. You can take pain killers and pamper your bottom until you can get in to be seen, but make sure you get the medical attention you need to take care of it.

Taking the initiative to stay on top of your health and treat symptoms early of any health challenge will go a long way in helping you avoid bigger health challenges. That goes for hemorrhoids as well as any other health or wellness challenge. Recognizing problems early and taking the necessary steps to keep them from becoming so big that they will be harder to handle can actually make your life easier to live, and make your health easier to keep under control. Take control of hemorrhoid symptoms as soon as they begin and avoid the pain of having thrombosed hemorrhoids.

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