When Hemorrhoid Cream May Not Be Enough

Burning, itching, aching, swelling. It sounds like almost any common injury, doesn’t it? It is in fact, all too common. But unfortunately, it is rarely talked about openly. It is rarely discussed with others, even the doctor, and it is usually dealt with by using the most simple thing, hemorrhoid cream. Yes, hemorrhoids. They happen to the majority of us, yet the subject of them is avoided like the plague.

Hemorrhoids are so embarrassing to most people that no matter how bad they are, they are usually dealt with by using a hemorrhoid cream. Hemorrhoid cream may be good to treat the more mild symptoms that may be bothersome to say the least. But when the hemorrhoids keep coming back, develop more severe symptoms, or begin bleeding, hemorrhoid cream may not be enough to take care of the problem.

When Hemorrhoid Cream May Help

If you have just begun to notice the symptoms, hemorrhoid cream may be enough to deal with the problem. If the only symptoms you have are itching, burning, a little pain, and inflammation, then hemorrhoids cream may help get rid of those symptoms, and actually heal the hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoid cream is even good to use if you have had hemorrhoids for a while, and the symptoms haven’t gotten to the point of being extremely painful, or bleeding yet. If there are only mild symptoms that are irritating, but livable, then hemorrhoid cream might be just the thing to help with it.

When You Might Need More Than Hemorrhoid Cream

If you have had hemorrhoids, gotten rid of them, and then they appear again, you might want to try something more than a hemorrhoid cream. Hemorrhoid cream will help with the mild symptoms, but if there’s a recurring problem, you might want to talk to your doctor about a more aggressive hemorrhoid treatment, or some lifestyle changes that might help.

Another sign that hemorrhoid cream may not be enough to treat the total problem is bleeding. When you see blood, you will need to consult your doctor. Bleeding can be symptomatic of a more serious, and potentially life threatening problem, such as cancer. Bleeding, if from hemorrhoids, is usually a symptom that your hemorrhoid has become more severe. It might be thrombosed or prolapsed, either of which may require emergency medical attention.

Even though your doctor may recommend hemorrhoid cream to help with the symptoms, he may also recommend a more aggressive treatment to treat the entire problem. If there are severe hemorrhoid symptoms, using hemorrhoid cream until you can have it taken care of medically may help you deal with the itching, pain, and swelling.

Hemorrhoid creams can be very helpful in dealing with the mild symptoms of hemorrhoids, and may help heal mild hemorrhoids. However, when hemorrhoids are more severe, hemorrhoid creams may not be enough by themselves. Talk to your doctor to find the best options to treat your hemorrhoid problem in order to get the best treatments possible and the best results too.

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