Hemorrhoids and Medical Advances

Millions of adults suffer from hemorrhoids, and many of them will never talk to their doctors about it. Whether it’s because of embarrassment, shame, or even thinking they already know how to treat the hemorrhoids, not talking to the doctor may prevent hemorrhoid sufferers from getting the information that may lead them to new ways to treat hemorrhoids or even some old tried-and-true ways to treat them. Medical studies are being done all the time that may prove that one treatment or another is better than originally thought or that new treatments may be the answer to curing hemorrhoids.


Recent medical studies show that stapling of hemorrhoids may not be the best alternative for some people. When stapling is used, the vein affected is stapled off so that it no longer receives blood. This may be good in the short term, but long-term studies show an increased risk of hemorrhoids recurring and possibly prolapsing. This can be extremely painful and end up calling for hemorrhoid surgery.


Surgery for elimination of hemorrhoids is considered to be a great option for severe cases. There is not much chance of recurring hemorrhoids when the hemorrhoid surgery is performed, and the healing process is fairly quick. Surgery is usually an option if the medicinal and homeopathic treatments have been tried and failed or if there is a lot of bleeding with the hemorrhoids and they aren’t responding well to other forms of hemorrhoid treatments.

According to recent medical tests, when hemorrhoids are removed surgically, less than 5 percent of people have problems with them recurring.

Homeopathic Remedies

There are a few homeopathic hemorrhoid treatments that have been proven in medical studies to have a high success rate. Venapro has shown a 98 percent success rate in recent medical studies at treating hemorrhoids and is all natural. With ingredients that work together to improve circulation to the anal veins, increase the ability to have a bowel movement without being constipated, and heal the hemorrhoid tissue with a soothing and fast acting combination, Venapro has proven to be one of the top homeopathic hemorrhoid treatments available.

According to new medical studies, another good option for people who want to use all natural remedies has been Zenmed Ziro. With the option of using an ointment and a supplement that will work from the inside out, Zenmed Ziro has undergone extensive research that support its claims to be a good treatment for hemorrhoids.

Lifestyle Changes

Nothing can help eliminate hemorrhoids from happening over and over again better than changing lifestyle habits. According to both older medical studies and newer ones, making sure you have regular bowel movements, don’t become constipated, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, and drink enough water may prevent hemorrhoids from occurring again.
It’s also important to exercise and lose weight if you need to. People who are overweight have added stress on their bodies, which can cause hemorrhoids. Keeping stress to a minimum and learning good stress relieving techniques will also go a long way in helping prevent hemorrhoids.

Don’t Ignore Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Medical studies have shown that people who ignore their hemorrhoid symptoms usually end up having more problems than people who begin treatment soon after symptoms begin. Talking to your doctor may be the first thing you should do, especially if there is any sign of blood in your stool or on the toilet paper after you go to the bathroom. Blood may simply be a sign of hemorrhoids, or it could mean that there’s a more serious problem.

Being aware of new medical advances and treatments may end up making getting rid of hemorrhoids easier than ever. Don’t let embarrassment stand in the way when it comes to your health.

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