Venapro Review: Bri

Hemorrhoids hurt. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I hurt, I am very moody and insensitive to everyone else. I found out the hard way that being in pain makes me be a pain to anyone around me. Not only was I miserable, but I was hurting. Talk about wanting to hide under the covers; I was in such a panic about my pain and my reactions to others that I thought I might end up losing everyone I love simply because I was in pain.

Then my best friend told me she saw an ad on the Internet for something called Venapro. It is a hemorrhoid treatment that is supposed to begin working right away from the inside. I thought that was strange at first; after all, the problem was on the outside (well, mostly).

I read little more about Venapro, looked at some reviews and things people had written about how well it worked for them, and decided that it would be worth the risk. I didn’t really have the expectation that it would work for me; after all, nothing else I had tried had worked for very long or had given me relief from all the symptoms.

Once the Venapro hemorrhoid treatments arrived, I tried them right away. The oral supplement and the cream both came with good directions that were easy to follow. When I went to bed that night, I noticed that the itch was barely there. I woke up in the morning feeling okay but still noticing the pain. I took my Venapro, and within a few hours, the pain was much weaker. By the next day, the pain was almost completely gone.

I also had no pain when I went to the bathroom. That was something I always dreaded, and I was ashamed to talk to anyone about it. I had pain and sometimes blood when I had a bowel movement. But this time was different; I had no pain, and no blood. Wow! The Venapro was working.

Now for the big test: Going to a family party. Being around my siblings had been a challenge before, and when I wasn’t feeling good, I wasn’t acting very nice to them. As a matter of fact, I had kind of lost my temper the week before I started using my medicine, and I was ashamed of myself. I had already confided in my mother that I was in pain, but I didn’t want them all to know why I was in pain, since it was embarrassing.

When I got to the party that night (the first time since using my new treatments), my mom greeted me and said that she had told my brothers and sister that I had been having some problems and that they should be patient with me. When I saw them all, they came over for a group hug, and we started laughing. All of a sudden, one of my brothers looked at me and said, “You are better now, aren’t you?” I answered that I was and told them that I was sorry I had been a pain in the butt. My mom looked at me, and we began laughing again. We were the only ones who knew why we were laughing, but honestly, it was the first time in months that I laughed without pain, and I knew I would no longer be a pain to them, thanks to Venapro hemorrhoid treatment.

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