Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Creams

If you were to conduct a poll of 100 hemorrhoids sufferers and ask them what is the most popular way to treat your condition, many of them would say Preparation H or other over the counter hemorrhoid creams. While it is safe to assume that almost every hemorrhoids sufferer has tried these products, are they safe and what exactly do they do when you use them? With more and more people turning to all natural medicine and away from artificially made hemorrhoids creams and cures, are these products worth sticking with?

Preparation H and many of the other popular creams are known as topical analgesics. They serve two functions to help hemorrhoids sufferers deal with the pain and itching common with their condition. The cream itself acts like a lubricant to remove friction in the area infected with the hemorrhoid. Obviously, this is a good thing since the less friction present, the less pain. Second, many of these creams also contain a painkiller that knocks out many of the nerve endings in that area so that any remaining friction doesn’t cause any additional pain. Most of these creams use lidocaine or other painkillers derived from the same source.

While these creams may sound like the perfect answer, a growing number of men and women are becoming allergic to many of the ingredients in these medications. Also, these hemorrhoid creams do nothing to actually cure the condition they treat. They are simply short term solutions that usually mean that you have to continue to buy the product over and over again, each time filling your body with chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

So, are these products a good idea to use? As the old saying goes, everything in moderation. It isn’t a good idea to rely solely on these ingredients to treat your  hemorrhoids condition, but once in a while usage isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. Most importantly, if you have a serious hemorrhoids condition, seek medical help from a doctor and do not self-medicate over and over again. You can also do research on many of the popular hemorrhoids blogs available online.

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