Butcher’s Broom

With the advent of the Internet, numerous blogs have popped up that have helped millions of people around the world learn about all natural alternatives to artificial and chemical-laden medicines. Since hemorrhoids is such a common ailment, there are many popular hemorrhoids blogs out there and many of them have numerous blog posts about Butcher’s Broom. While this all natural ingredient sounds more like it is made for sweeping than ingestion, it is the extract from this common plant that has shown impressive results when it comes to treating hemorrhoids.

Inside the Butcher’s Broom plant, is a ingredient known as ruscogenins has been shown to be your veins best friend. Not only does ruscogenins help to treat your veins and strengthen them, it also helps with circulation throughout the body. A few other popular natural ingredients, most commonly pagoda tree extract and horse chestnut, do the same essential things, but Butcher’s Broom is far and away the best known of these herbs in North America. Many health food stores carry Butcher’s Broom extract in their stores and it has become one of the best ways for hemorrhoids treatment naturally. Of course, each person will have a different reaction to Butcher’s Broom, but the majority report a lessening in swelling and pain after only a few days of usage.

Ironically, Butcher’s Broom is closely related to asparagus. As an additional natural hemorrhoid treatment,  many people point to a balanced diet rich in green vegetables. While a heaping plate of Butcher’s Broom would be tough to get down, asparagus is thought to be one of the best veggies to have if you suffer from hemorrhoids. It is important to note that no one should begin a regimen of new medicine, even all natural medicine, without the supervision of a doctor.

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